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I traveled to Sweny’s to pay homage to Ulysses in July 2010. I just wanted to comment on the extraordinary experience I had at your shop. I’m from Louisiana, USA, and went to Cambridge this past summer for a course in Joyce’s wonderful masterpieces. Naturally, I visited Dublin, and honestly Sweny’s provided a most unique experience I will never forget. I had difficulty finding your shop. However, upon finding it, the lady behind the counter indulged my fascination and curiosity. After meeting the sweet dog, I was introduced to your copies of James Joyce Quarterly for sale. I wanted to purchase them all, but I had to attain money for these collections and the DART (to go to Martello Tower of course). I trekked to the nearby cornershop, but my card did not work to withdraw cash. I had to narrow my purchase. Upon returning to the shop, two older ladies (regulars I believe) had added to your shop’s quirky charm. In my part of the world, these ladies should be treated with quiet reverence. However, when I asked the shop worker how much DART tickets were, she informed me of its fee. Happily, I had money to purchase one JJQ and one DART ticket. The ladies in your shop immediately came to and offered me an enormous amount of financial assistance to safely see my return from Martello. In addition, your shop keeper notified the Martello staffer of my impending arrival. I have never in my life felt so cared for, as if I were a child of your community.

I expected to find a shop encapsulating Joyce in an unapproachable bubble. I found an absolute representation of community who loved and respected creation, history and people. Your shop alone made me realize why Bloom’s thoughts are so approachable in his judgments and cataloging of life. It seems as if he was telling the story of a city of mothers, familiars and genuinely caring people.

I would love to become involved in your shop in any way possible from around the world. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to support such a unique expression of timeless character.


Swenys is now part of the Dublin UNESCO City of Literature

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Swenys is now part of the Dublin UNESCO City of Literature and has been sponsored to continue the Reading Groups. Thursdays at 7pm is time for Ulysses with John Singleton. This is a lively group, many of whom are on their second reading of the great man’s work, and they regularly adjourn to Kennedys to continue their discussion. Shane Egan has returned to start a new group on Saturday mornings at 11 which should appeal to many, particularly those on their first attempt. This will be the ‘ladybird’ version of Ulysses with lots of explanations but no homework. Every day at 1 o’clock, Monday to Friday, the tea is made and chairs are drawn closer together, as we tackle The Complete Works of James Joyce. Ulysses has been dusted off, Portrait is almost finished and soon it will be Dubliners. The Wake – well, thats a different story – and that comes last, very slowly and maybe with something stronger than tea. Join in, Drop in, Be part of the Literary tradition of Dublin, and its Free!

City of Literature!

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News just in:

Unesco just named Dublin as City of Literature! Which is superb news, getting a  bit of proper official recognition of our deep literary roots. We’re sharing this lofty mantle with Edinburgh,  Melbourne (!) and Iowa City (had to do some Google research to make sure that last entry was real – Irving, Boyle and O’Connor the story checks out).

Who are ya? Where are ya? Part 13

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Who doesn’t love a woman in uniform?

Well the cameras back in the day certainly seem to have judging by the number of nurse photographs found in the forgotten film drawer. Answers on a  postcard if you recognise Aunt Mary.

Who are ya? Where are ya? Part 12

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Eyes left!

There’s a few of these that make for an interesting guess a what the portrait session was like… “Okay, now lets try one without your glasses. Eyes left now… very good… ”

Who are ya? Where are ya? Part 11

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A few more forgotten photographs from the dusty archives of the forgotten film drawer of Sweny’s pharmacy. Give us a holler if you recognise anything at all.

Who are ya? Where are ya? Part 10

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It’s been a while, but now we’re back. We haven’t gone away y’know…

So managed to sort through the
dusty corners of Sweny’s and dug up some more classic forgotten photos from yesteryear. As always if you think you might recognise a face or two here please, please, please get in touch.

… in the details apparently

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Martin Maher’s Bloomsday Photos

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Another big thanks to Martin for sending us on his Bloomsday photos. If there’s some more lurking in any of the army of cameras that were down on the day please do send them on 🙂

New Opening Hours

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Well with all these longer days, sunnier times and volunteer staff we’ve reviewed our opening hours. So, officially we’re now open as follows.

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday: 11.00 – 17.00

Sunday: 14.00 – 17.00

Readings 11.30 on Monday and 19.00 on Thursdays

Readings are great craic with epic orations from Chapter 5 of Ulysses, come by and listen in as it’s noticeably easier then reading the damn tome.